How can We Help?

MagnifyFund will take you by the hand and structure your nonprofit from the first steps to its completion to fundraising success.

How it works:

  • Ready to make it happen?
  • We will design your donation page. Please have the following:
    • Picture or video you wish to display.
    • Description of your cause.
    • We will build your PEER TO PEER FUNDRAISING ASK and run it by you for your approval.
    • Once approved you may announce it to your circle of friends and post it in all social media outlets.


  • Express your need and why is it important?
  • How you will solve the problem once you achieve and complete your goal?
  • Your contact information, social media links and website.


Just follow these 4 easy steps.

  • Click here to describe your cause, upload pictures or video and add the amount you wish to raise.

Tip: mention the need, what is happening due to lack of funds? what will you achieve with the funds raised? and the benefits you will create once you raise the funds.

  • Integrate your social links    
  • Include your organization’s and personal data requested.
  • On your marks, set, Go! ………….and forward it to all your circle of friends and post in social media.

If you are interested in our fundraising services please feel welcome to contact us at